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Monday, August 17th 2009

10:05 PM

A little unplanned fun....

  • Mood: Chompin at the bit

The weekend has come and gone, but not without a little unplanned fun to boot!!  I had a wild hair....got a little thought about Fall and was itchin at the bit to get out and back to nature. After all, it took me all week long to recover from our pool party....yep....the one that got POURED on  .  I guess all wasnt so bad....Rick argued that it seems like all of his are rained on....and Ginger says it even rained on Clay's party....we made the best of a tough situation though .

So, Satuday morning I was up bright and early....."honey....I wanna go ride 4 wheelers".... and so we did.....but since we only had one 4 wheeler, of course we had to get another....long story  short ...we got a "sweet" Polaris "touring" 4 wheeler ...  Check out the high back seat (sooo comfy Lauren and I loved switching places)...it has high foot rests for the passenger too, digital controls ie. speedometer, fuel guage, etc....  We went to the hunting club and rode and rode til we got rained on....and so - it was the end of a fun day.

From Random Pics


Come Sunday morning, I was still fit to be tied.... "honey....lets go somewhere....I wanna get out....."....so off we set out on an unplanned road trip....we went toward Pine Mountain this time, and went to Warm Springs, The Roosevelt Institute, The Little Whitehouse and passed by some other cool things....some we stopped at....some we didn't.  If the slideshow doesnt work click here http://picasaweb.google.com/TheChickenYard/UnplannedRoadTrip81709?feat=directlink

All in all, we had quite the interesting week.  I wish I had some pics from the pool party to share, but I was so busy playing hostess I didnt get to take any    But we did have a friendly visitor this week...check him out...we caught him after setting a cage on the front porch because we thought a stray cat was getting the kitty cats food....seems he was sharing his food with more than that stray cat....the first pic shows our catch in the cage , where he'd demolished my cushion and rug trying to get out...the second...well - we only got the tail end of em when we released him...


From Random Pics
From Random Pics


Oh.....and let's not forget my sweet girl's birthday.....happy 9th baby girl!!


From Laurens 9th Birthday
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