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Thursday, July 2nd 2009

8:29 PM

Life is wonderful!

  • Mood: Happy

I know I've slacked on my blog guys, but c'mon.....with Facebook in the world, it's hard to think everyone doesnt already know what's going on in my life!  I do love Facebook....so if you don't have a FB....get one ))

To keep those of you up to date who may not have a FB, a lot has been going on.  Lauren is in Summer Camp and loving every minute of it.  They do soooo much.  At least 2 field trips a week, plus a water slide day, bike day and other stuff every day of the week.  They've been to Battle and Bounce, skating, Butts Mill Farm, the library a few times, Hollywood Connection a few times, seen magicians acts, clowns perform, talked with police officers....just plain ole good fun for a kid hat has to stay on the go.

I've joined the new gym,,,,,yes Richie.....even if I have my own little gym....it's still nice to be able to go and do different things AND have what I've got.  If for nothing else, to get away and relax in a different atmosphere, and being able to get fit is just a reward, a wonderful side effect.

We're REALLY REALLY excited about the bash at Richie's this weekend!   Cant wait to see you guys, cause it's always fun, and I just plain enjoy your company, and the serenity of the farm.  I'll bring the badminton and we're workin on a little something special to bring foodwise, but not sure how it's gonna pan out....haha...pardon that pun!

Anyway, til next time!  ....You guys have a wonderful, and most importantly "SAFE", July 4th!

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