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Monday, June 8th 2009

10:13 AM

Summer's almost here....

  • Mood: Productive

Spring has come, and almost gone - where does the time go?  It has rained so much lately , well for what seems like forever, that we haven't been able to do much at all around the yard.  Finally a break in the rain! So we spent the weekend being productive.  Honey worked on my deck steps and they look awesome.  I wish I'd have taken a pic, but I didnt think about it....so I will take  a pic in the next few days to show ya'll.

I also got to pressure wash the back porch and separate some bulbs and replant some ivy vines to grow up the other posts on the back porch.  It looks so pretty!  I am so glad we have the pool.  The 90 degree days require a dip or 2 in it to be able to keep going.  I am sooo enjoying the work outdoors, it is so relaxing and rewarding.

Lauren spent some time with Lindi and Rick and Ginger at the farm yesterday.  They got a new piggy and sheep (named Lala) at the flea market.  The new sheep was "suppose" to complete thier farm, according to Lauren.  But now it seems she's changed her mind....they still need a Lhama or Alpaca....I agree, they need an Alpaca....soft soles on the feet, and no front teeth to bite you with ) ANDDDDDD they make good pets....hint hint....we'll see how long it takes them to get one.....

We've got to make a trip to Birmingham today with Shawna bug, so it's gonna be a long day, but I cant wait to get back to being productive tomorrow - I have a list a mile long!

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Posted by the pates:

...think we'll stick with just getting another cow...lol
Thursday, June 11th 2009 @ 10:06 PM

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