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Thursday, April 2nd 2009

1:20 PM

Rain Drops keep fallin' on my head.....

  • Mood: Motivated

On a wonderfully rainy day like today.....wha to do....what to do???  BLOG!  It's almost 1:30 and I've long  completed my day.  Got my haircut, did my workout, and checked my facebook...

Such a strenuous life ))   Im feeling super good about increasing my workouts to an hour.  I thought I'd die after my first Julian Micheals workout, but now - "I feel good! da da da, dah dah dah! I knew that I would! Da da da, Dah dah dah!!"....oh, I get carried away, but what else is there to do????

I'm missing soccer, with no chance of practice tonight.....guess I might as well do the dreaded taxes. Well....maybe not )

I've also wanted to tell ya'll about the monster we've created -my cat!  So far he's mamed several lizzards, a bird, a little snake, then a mouse....then I walked outside to find him doing backflips in the air.  I thought "what in the world....?"  , as I walked closer I noticed the chipmunk he had with him......when he got  upside down in the air with the flips, he'd give an extra umphhh and slam the little thing to the ground....over and over.....  So being the kind heart that I am , I rescued the little creature...wrapped him up , gave em the old rub down to try and get him to catch his breath.  He was cold and almost stiff, so I was proud after I placed him under the light for abt and hour and he finally came to.  Yay me!!!  We saved him....he up and trotted away.

Not so lucky, was the rabbit he brought up the next day.  Nothing more fun than having to pull the 1/2 of a corpse outta Cletus's mouth before he could finish off what kitty kitty started. UGHH! Kitty likes rabbit meat!  A lot! The next day I hear the squalling of another rabbit as he hops away from kitty, and kitty pounces on him and lets him loose, just so he can torture him some more.  Yep, I shot across the yard and rescued that one too.  He was stunned for a minute, but quickly hopped off to bunny land, once given the chance. I just hope Mr Kitty will lay off the bunnies and move on too squirrels, or we may not have Easter this year!

Gotta go eat my Subway!

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Posted by Ginger:

Guess the rabbits won't be in your garden...
Friday, April 3rd 2009 @ 7:56 PM

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